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Ringatoi: Ngatuere Matakatea (Te Arawa, Muaūpoko, Taranaki)

This piece is part of a set of three called Te Whare Atua. Tūmatauenga and Rongo specifically speaks to the pakanga of Pōhutukawa where Tūmatauenga and his brother Rongo fought and created Te Kawa o Te Marae — ko Tū ki waho, ko Rongo ki roto. This also speaks to the balance that Rongo and Tū have, one can never be found without the other, just as we as jhumans follow the kawa of these two atua, just like the moon and the sun in the sky, fire and water, love and hate, life and death, all of these things are in pairs to balance out life, and with the kawa of Tū and Rongo we can find a form of balance in our lives.

Dimensions: 102cm x 76cm.

Acryllic on canvas.

Tu & Rongo

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